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Tips to Find Your Ideal Clients

The most vital component to keeping your pipeline full with paying customers is to know their identity, where they gather, and how to interface with them. When you do discover them, the most intense and utilized approach to associate with and enlist them as customers is through talking. Giving a Signature Talk is your #1 Off-Line Strategy to Enroll Your Ideal Clients:


1. Do a Google and look on the watchwords for your objective market. Discover associations and gatherings that meetup in your general vicinity. Before you go to, get the coordinator and see whether the members are genuinely your optimal customers. On the off chance that they are not, don’t go to the occasion. It will be an exercise in futility.

2. Contract down your rundown of associations/gatherings to 3-5 and begin going to them. You ought to go to a live meeting no less than each 7-10 days. Make companions first and converse with everybody with a “how might I help?” mentality. Become more acquainted with the coordinator.

3. Ask the organizer if you can make a presentation to the group. If they say yes, make a 45 min. presentation leading up-to an offer for people to sign up to have a private complimentary consultation with you over the phone. If they don’t allow for speakers, then identify which participants would be great clients and make individual appointments with them.

4. Create a simple power point presentation identifying 3-4 MAJOR problems that your target market struggles with and position yourself as the answer to those problems. Let them know that your presentation will give them a lot of great solutions, but that there is only so much you can show them in 45 mins. So, if they want more, you will show them how to get more at the end of the presentation. This way your audience will be prepared for your offer at the end.

5. For all those who signed up for your offer, schedule the appointments right away! When you get on the phone, be absolutely prepared with a program, product, or service you will be offering and the investment amount. Present the offer confidently and compassionately.

6. As “soul” entrepreneurs, we must be very careful about our time and energy in this area so be razor sharp in your focus.